Welcome to the 

 Do-Re-Mi School 

of Music & the Arts! 

Our Mission:  

to maximize each child's potential, 
meet each student's  individual needs, 
raise educational standards and 
foster children's innate love
to music and learning.


Do-Re-Mi DayCare Center is Open!
Call 973-342-3221 for a TOUR!   


Save the Date: Saturday, May 30, 4:00
Russian-speaking students and their families.

* Krav Maga Trainging for kids and adults
* Scenes from "Золушка" show
* Magician
* Art project for young children

Watch for the Cook-out date for
English-speaking students and families :-) 

 Summer Camp 
Registration is Open!

Art Department

Next Tour in Metropolitant Museum with Boris and Elena Kuznetsov
Индейцы, или кто жил в Америке до нас! Sunday, Apr 19th Met4Kids





Sunday, May 17, Russian Theater Proudly Presents  "ЗОЛУШКА"  "Cinderella"