Welcome to the 

 Do-Re-Mi School 

of Music & the Arts! 

Our Mission:  

to maximize each child's potential, 
meet each student's  individual needs, 
raise educational standards and 
foster children's innate love
to music and learning.


Premiere of "ЗОЛУШКА"  "Cinderella" 

on Sunday, May 17, in Community Congregational Church in Short Hills, NJ

Do-Re-Mi DayCare Center is Open!
Call 973-342-3221 for a TOUR!   


Save the Date: Saturday, May 30
Russian-speaking students and their families: 3:30
English-speaking students and their families: 5:00 

* Krav Maga Trainging for kids and adults, both sessions
* Scenes from "Золушка" show (1st session only)
* Magician (5:00-6:00 for all)
* Art projects for young children
* Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute Performances (2nd session) 


 Summer Camp 

Registration is Open!