Art for Children

Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts    
93A South Livingston Avenue 
Livingston, NJ


Every person is potentially talented. We help children to unfold, find trust in their artistic abilities, make a friendship with pencil and a brush, to become familiar with different medias and techniques…In other words to become confident in art.

We also think art helps children to grow, makes them well balanced and happy. Not only it brings pleasure to create, but also helps to build one’s future life in any carrier.

We are very happy with our teaching experience. It’s amazing to see how often we get children who have to start from scratch and in a few lessons they are focused and joyful young artists who know what they are doing!

With every class their abilities get really stronger  as well as their coordination (fine motor skills), perseverance, concentration. The fact that they can create a piece of art and share it with others makes them really happy!



Working with the right side of the brain, developing creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, non-verbal visualization, helping children express feelings through art.

This semester will be based more on Art History, with every class related to a specific style during 1300-1850 ad. Will be checking on great masters from Middle age, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque with lots of instructions on proportions and technique.

In the winter of 2020 we will continue on style study starting from 1850s till 2000.


  • Program fall 2019:

  • Middle Age Stained glass techniques imitation
  • Early Renaissance . Painting with egg tempera. mixing/preparation
  • High Renaissance. Durer and Leonardo. Studying the old Masters drawings
  • Dutch and Flemish baroque still life. Oil painting technique
  • Classical style. Study perspective. Interiors and cityscapes
  • Neoclassicism. Bas-relief sculpting. Greek motives in Art





Elena and Boris Kuznetsov at the lesson

We encourage individual expression within class instruction.


Princess, 10 years old Princess, 10 years old Princess, 8 years old Teacher: Karine Arshakyan

Blowfish, 13 years old Bridge, 13 years old Fish, 4-6 years old 



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Still Life (Teacher: Anna)