Art for Children

Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts    
93A South Livingston Avenue 
Livingston, NJ


Every person is potentially talented. We help children to unfold, find trust in their artistic abilities, make a friendship with pencil and a brush, to become familiar with different medias and techniques…In other words to become confident in art.

We also think art helps children to grow, makes them well balanced and happy. Not only it brings pleasure to create, but also helps to build one’s future life in any carrier.

We are very happy with our teaching experience. It’s amazing to see how often we get children who have to start from scratch and in a few lessons they are focused and joyful young artists who know what they are doing!

With every class their abilities get really stronger  as well as their coordination (fine motor skills), perseverance, concentration. The fact that they can create a piece of art and share it with others makes them really happy!



We offer classes with painting, drawing and sculpting as a base core. It’s mostly figure drawing, still lives and landscapes, balancing the colors and shapes. Following, we offer some applied art: prints, silk painting, work with ink, charcoal, pastel. We study styles,  artists and the art history. We do modeling, study design, work with color and composition.  We avoid copying or step by step painting, we want the children to work more  independently and feel art from the inside. The exception is a once a semester class of the  old master copying. Mostly, we give out a specific assignment and see how children can  unfold and create, being helpful with making suggestions on improvements. 

We try to stay informal. We are always positioning ourselves as friends who are more experienced, but not as an art authority. We work in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere building trust and joy. 


Elena and Boris Kuznetsov at the lesson

We encourage individual expression within class instruction.


Princess, 10 years old Princess, 10 years old Princess, 8 years old Teacher: Karine Arshakyan

Art at the Museum

We run a children's art program at the Metropolitan Museum (NYC), Met4Kids. Please ask for more info.

Blowfish, 13 years old Bridge, 13 years old Fish, 4-6 years old 

Teacher: Karine Arshakyan


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Still Life (Teacher: Anna)

Still Lives. Teacher: Anna Conte             

Multi-media: glass painting. Teacher: Anna Conte


Madhubani Painting (March-April 2015)

The first workshop took place in the Spring 2015. The next session will be given in November-december 2015. in two levels: Beginner and Intermediate (for those who took lessons in the Spring.) Please ask for specific dates.  

Pottery Workshop (February-March 2015)