December 15 - Math

Everyone needs to learn math!

Recommended ages: 3-4 yrs

Two girls, Maria and Tracy, have dogs named Rex and Buddy. What is Tracy's dog's name, if Maria's dog is Buddy?

Recommended ages: 6-7 yrs, or 1st-2nd grades

There are red, black and white spools of thread in a drawer. What’s the smallest number of spools Sabrina must take out WITHOUT LOOKING to definitely get two spools of the same color?

Recommended ages: 8-9 yrs, or 3rd-4th grades

The farmer had three sheeps, of the same size. He sheared 24 pounds of wool from three of them. He got 3 Lb from the first sheep, 7 Lb from the second sheep, and completely shaved a third one. How much wool left on three sheeps, together?