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 We offer ENRICHMENT math, TUTORING and OLYMPIAD math from Pre-K through Algebra-2 Honors

 If your child needs Tutoring, the most efficient way to address his or her needs will be private lessons - this way the teacher will be able to work . 
 exactly at what the student needs in order to improve his or her performance in school, not dividing his attention and lesson time between two or
 three students who might be in the same grade, but most likely have different problems. Sometimes if a student missed some topic earlier, it may put all of his future grades down (e.g. a student who didn't master addition, will have problems with substraction and multiplication; similar situation at any grade level.)

Majority of our math students take Enrichment math. We are trying to expand the areas that are usually underaddressed in  public and many private dayschools, such as logic, word problems and apllying familiar algorithms to new situations. We'd never expect an athletically inclined child to become an advanced soccer player because he's "Natually good" without spending hours on a soccer field! Brain has to be trained, as well. The same way, as computation skills must be trained, logical thinking also has to be trained, and this is the core of our enrichment program. If students' levels, grades and abilities are compatible, these lessons are very efficient in semi-private (2-3 students) and small groups, 4-5 students, setting. However we discourage parents from group and even semi-private placement (for monetary, social, timing, car-pool etc reasons) if - on teacher's discretion - this placement will not provide the best learning environment.

Olympiad math is a kind of Enrichment math; for placement in Olympiad group the prospective teacher's recommendation is required. It is true that some children reach top scores in Olympiads (like Kangaroo) without any training, however if not properly prepared, the student's achievements stagnate since natural abilities may not be developed. For Kangaroo math, students get a lot of "olympiad-like" problems and learn to apply their knowledge to untypical situations at the lessons, but parents register for the Kangaroo Math Olympiad independently. For MOEMS (Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools) we register our students as a team, and they receive their individual scores. In MOEMS 2018-2019 school year, Jenna L. got into top 2%, and Georgia F. and Matthew T. got into top 10%.

We expect average 1.5 hour homework each week., the level of parents' involvement vary significantly.

Below are samples of Logic Problems for various ages:

3-4 yrs
1. Two girls, Maria and Tracy, have dogs named Rex and Buddy.
What is Tracy's dog's name, if Maria's dog is Buddy?
2. A mouse and a lamb need to get from their farm to the city. They take a train with three cars.
The mouse is not in the first or last car. The lamb is not in the middle or last car. Which cars
are they riding in?

6-7 yrs
1. A family has two pets, Sparky the dalmatian and Fluffy the cat. Together, their ages are 3 years. What will their combined ages be next year?
2. There are red, black and white spools of thread in a drawer. What’s the least number of spools Sabrina must take out WITHOUT LOOKING to definitely get two spools of the same color?

10-11 yrs
1. Two trains, 50 cars each, met in the middle of single-track with a deadlock branch. How can they disperse in different directions if a deadlock branch can only hold a locomotive and 25 cars? (Trains can move back and cars can be in front or behind a locomotive, i.e.  locomotives can pull or push their cars,)
2. Triangle, diamond, square and circle painted in green, yellow, blue and red.  We know that:

- Red shape lies between green and blue;
- Diamond lies to the right from a yellow shape;
- A circle lies to the right from both a triangle and a diamond;
- A triangle  does not lie at the end;
- A blue and yellow shapes do not lie next to each other.

What is their order and what is the color of each shape?