Tuition & Fees

Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A and 113 South Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ

Different tuition rates are listed  for various classes. Please scroll down for materials.


Group trial lessons are free; if one class is not a good fit, you can try a different class, but it will be charged at a regular rate.

Private lessons are not free and have to be prepaid at a regular per lesson rate (varies for different classes.) 

GROUP vs. PRIVATE lessons

While we are trying to accommodate parent's preferences, teacher's approval is required for placement in a group; no exceptions.

TUITION for 2017-2018 school year

GROUP CLASSES, per month.

Monthly fee is equivalent of 1/10 of annual tuition and remains the same flat monthly fee whether there are 3, 4 or 5 lessons per month according to the school calendar.
Multiple classes discount: 5% off for 3-4 weekly classes for family; 10% off for 5 and more classes for family. Group lessons only.  

60-min. $105
Advanced 60-min $120.

Adult drop-in $35 per hour including materials

Materials for art: $50 per semester charged in Sept. and Feb. 

Advanced: student bring their own materials; no charge for art materials.

55-min. $105

Small Group, 4-6 students
55 min., $115
Materials charged separately. 

Toddlers, 30-min. $65; for current 2-hour Russian students $40.
Music & Movement for 3-5 yrs, 45-min. $90 
SPIRAL, Piano Intro, 30-min. $80; 45-min. $100; $60-min. $120
Ensemble Singing, 60-min. $105; for current private music lessons students $90 
45-min. $90, for current private music students $75. 
Music History and Music Theory: $105/month. Length of the class varies: 45 min. for 2 students, 60-min. for 3-4 students, 1.5 hours for 5 or more students in a group.

55 min, $105
*Group rates are for 3 or more students in a class. If a student discontinues Russian class, so only two students remain in the group, lesson length will be decreased to 45-min. without tuition increase, or if parents prefer lesson length will remain and partner rate charged.
The cost of reading books and worksheets is included; The cost of workbooks (рабочие тетради, прописи) has to be reimbursed.

2-hour, $180
Sibling discount for 2-hour program: 10% off from the second child

Two hours, $180; For students who are also enrolled in other Russian Language classes, $160.
One hour (Beginner Theater) $105; for students who are also enrolled in Russian Language classes, $95. 

Costumes are not included. Special rate for students taking Russian and multiple classes discount cannot be combined.


Private, per month: 30-min. $150/month; 45-min. $210/month; 60-min. $270/month
Partner, per month, per person: 30-min. $90/month, 45-min. $120/month, 60-min., $140/month

Private: 60-min. $75/lesson; 45-min. $60/lesson.

Discount for private Chess lessons:
$40 per month off for the first month if a student needs to catch up with a group, or unlimited time if a student is taking group lessons at the same time.
Semi-Private (2-3 students): 60-min. $150/month, 45-min. $120/month.

Private, per month: 30-min. $145/month, 45-min. $200/month, 60-min. $250/month
Partner, per month: 30-min. $90/month, 45-min. $120/month, 60-min. $140/month

It covers 39 private/partner lessons and recital(s.)
We do not provide guitar for rent.

Private (1 student)
60-min. for grades 2 and older: $70 per lesson
45-min. for grades K-6: $55 per lesson (not offered to gr. 7 and older) *
30-min. for K-1 only: $40 per lesson

Advanced Math (Geometry Enriched, Algebra-2, Calculus) $90/hour

*Please notice that not any lesson length is available with every teacher.

Semi-Private (2-3 students) 
60-min.(Grades 2 and older) $145/month
45-min. (Grades K-1): $120/month
Materials not included 

Private, per month: 30-min. $150/month; 45-min. $210/month; 60-min. $275/month
Partner, per month, per person: 30-min. $90/month, 45-min. $120/month, 60-min., $145/month
Group SPIRAL (introductory piano, groups of 3-6 students, per person): 30-min. $80/month; 45-min. $95/month; 60-min. $110/month  

It covers 39 private/partner lessons and recital(s.) 
Two private/partner lessons per week discount (for the same student only): $20 off per month; no discount to family members. 

Materials not included.

RUSSIAN - Private and Partner
Private: 60-min. $230/month; 45-min. $185/month; 30-min. $135/month
Partner: 60-min. $135/month, 45-min. $115/month, 30-min. $90/month

30-min. $160/month, 45-min. $220/month, 60-min. $280/month
Voice Tuition includes the cost of music sheets or Karaoke accompaniment for all the songs that a student is learning.



$30 for student, $45 for family covers administrative work for a school year; one fee for all classes

$60 for student, $90 for family registering for piano and other instruments covers administrative work for a school year and the first set of materials.


$50 per semester, 1st semester will be charged at the time of registration and 2nd semester with a February tuition fee.

Cost of worksheets is included, and parents purchase the books. Alternatively, the teacher may buy the books and parents reimburse - please ask your teacher.

Piano, Violin, Guitar, Woodwinds
$30/student or $45/family included in piano/instrument registration fee of $60/$90. This amount includes $5 reference library fee.
If student's materials cost exceeds the cost of standard book set, i.e. if a student is using books required for specific auditions, or his or her progress is rather fast, the parents will be billed for additional materials fee.

Cost of reading books and worksheets  is included in tuition. These books must be returned to the school at the end of school year or at the time of withdrawal. The cost of workbooks (рабочие тетради, прописи) has to be reimbursed.