Violin and Viola


Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A South Livingston Avenue,
Livingston, NJ

We offer Private lessons on Violin and Viola. We recommend to start  traditional violin lesson when child is at least 5 years or at
  any older age, and we gladly teach adults of any level. Some  4-year-old children might be ready.
  While many local schools offer violin and viola lessons and include students in school orchestras, overwhelming number of violin/viola
  students take private lessons because they need to master more advanced technique of an instrument and this requires individual
  attention. Students who mastered the basics and show interest in performing, have opportunities to play in various auditions,
  competitions and concerts, beyond the Do-Re-Mi in-school recitals. Our teachers' advanced students won participation in various State
  youth orchestras.



Introductory Group Violin classes are offered for two age groups: 4-5 yrs and 6-7 yrs.
There are up to 5 students in each group, and Introductory session includes ten 45-min classes. Introductory program covers posture, how to hold a violin and a bow, how to produce sound, what is a pitch and other basic techniques. By the end of the session children will learn how to play simple songs, like "Ants" (younger class) and "Twinkle, twinkle" (older class.) After 10-classes session most of the kids will be recommended to transfer to private lessons. We have a limited number of  small violins for rent.

Out-of-school Auditions, Public Recitals and RCM and ABRSM exams

Our students participate in auditions, competitions and NYC recitals by Piano Teachers Society of America, Music Educators Association, Golden Key Festival, MusikFest, American Fine Arts Festival. It's completely optional - discuss this with your teacher.

For an adequate preparation time  that includes a choice of repertory and solid technical foundation, the teacher has to be notified not less than 6 months ahead before the audition date.

To prepare for out-of-school auditions, competitions and recitals, the students are required to sign up for 60-min weekly or twice a week 30 or 45-min lessons ; for ages 5-7 required minimum time is 45-min a week, but two 30-min lessons a week are recommended. Students who attend 30-min. once a week do not have sufficient time to get ready for this kind of performances.