Violin Lessons


Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A South Livingston Avenue,
Livingston, NJ

We offer Private and Partner lessons on violin. We recommend to start violin lesson when childs is at least 5 years or at any older age, and we gladly teach adults of any level.

Different students require different teaching approaches. Some students progress best with the peer interaction and class motivation when they have a partner. Other students prefer the focused concentration of an individual one on one lesson. Once a student is more advanced it will be necessary to take private lessons to master the advanced techniques of an instrument with individual attention. Partner lessons are only given if students ages and levels are compatible, on teacher's discretion.

Monthly Tuition and Calendar


Tuition per Month (Private lessons only): $145/30-min. weekly lessons; $205/45-min., $265/60-min.

Yearly tuition covers 39 private lessons and in-school performance opportunities (end-of-the-year recitals and music parties.) Some months have 5 and some months have 3 lessons; monthly tuition remains the same whether there are 3, 4 or 5 lessons in a month.

Calendar 2015-2016

Students who mastered the basics and show interest in performing, have opportunities to play in various auditions, competitions and concerts, beyond the Do-Re-Mi in-school recitals.

The Music Development Program Out-of-school Auditions and Public Recitals

 (e.g. by the Piano Teachers Society of America, Music Educators Association, Golden Key Festival, MusikFest, American Fine Arts festivals and others)

While participation in competitions and public recitals IS a big pressure, many parents find it beneficial for children. Life is full of pressure, indeed, and if you live with it, you are better prepared to handle it later on. Some people actually like feeling adrenaline running in their bodies. However, public performance requires significant effort and time commitment and is not suitable for every student. Please discuss this with your teacher.

The Music Development Program (former RCM exams)

Many parents are interested not only in the instruction of high caliber that we are proud to provide, and not only in oportunity for their children to perform in prestigious concert halls, but also in a receiving a nationally recognaized assessment. Please find detailed information at 

It is a great option for children, who clearly do not like competitions. Playing for a judge, a child is only competing with herself or himself. The format of “exams” is very familiar to school children and grading system is very predictable and fair. The program is comprehensive, transferrable from state to state and level of preparation in theory courses at upper levels (associate degree) qualify students for exams in AP classes and admitted by colleges. 
Please understand this program requires significant effort and time commitment and is not suitable for every student. Discuss it with your teacher.