Why Choose Us?

Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A South Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ

Why choose the Do-Re-Mi Piano?
We have an exceptionally high retention rate, 8-9 times higher than average in the USA. We offer various tracks for young and old, for "serious" students and hobbyists (and we take hobbyists education seriously!) We provide various performing opportunities in and out of the school, formal, informal, from intimate studio piano lounges to Carnegie Hall.

Why choose other classes at the Do-Re-Mi?
You are tired from being your children's chaufeur, driving them from piano to art to math to clarinet.... We provide a high-quality instruction by unversity-trained teachers under the same roof.  Each class is taught by a professional teacher, trained in the area he or she teaches. Our standards for professionalism and dedication of the teachers are of the highest caliber. Parents never have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Why choose Russian at the Do-Re-Mi?
We perfectly understand that children from "Russian," as well as bilingual and adopting families, grow in various language environments. We teach Russian as a first language, second language, or foreign language. Some non-language classes are available in Russian to provide an additional exposure and practice in language use.